A Jack of All, A Master of One

I may be a Master now but this guy is the real MVP. As soon as I graduated with my Bachelor’s I went straight into my Master’s program 3 weeks later. It wasn’t part of the original plan but I was given an incredible opportunity to work as a graduate assistant to pay for my program. Rewind the past year and a half, and he’s helped me survive this program during an engagement, wedding, honeymoon (yeah poor thing suffered through me doing homework on our honeymoon 😭), and all the transitions in a first year of a marriage. There were lots of tears and moments when I couldn’t see myself turning in the next assignment let alone having the desire to turn in all the other assignments it would take to finish the program, but his gentle spirit and his ability to love me through my impatience and frustration earned this degree just as much as I have. I love you Titus Carlson, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine lol just kidding, congrats on getting your Master’s too 😉❤️🎓👫