How We Make the Most of Our Daily Commute

This is our daily commute.

Big Bear Lake -> Riverside almost every day. We are four months in. It’s not always the easiest or most convenient but Titus and I have grown to love it in so many ways. It was a choice we made to help us reach our goals.

On a good day we are in bed by 9:30pm and then rudely interrupted by our alarms at 5:30am (I know that’s a full 8 hours, but for this nocturnal troll, any activity before 8am should be criminal)

We find ways to get around down the hill with one car so we can do the ride together.

The morning is more of the quiet drive as I’ve already made clear how much of a morning person I AM NOT (bless my husband’s soul)

Our schedules are pretty packed. So as much as we love living in Big Bear, we aren’t there as often as we’d like to be. After a long day of work, school, internship, and church we are usually on the road back by 8pm.

But we love the night drives. It’s been so healthy for our marriage in the way it allows us to just talk. We plan, we work, and we dream. If I don’t have my laptop out doing homework, we are budgeting, making lists, and talking about where we are gonna be in 5-10 years. Might sound boring, but we genuinely love doing these things.

There’s just something about doing life, going through the aches and pains with your best friend. The whole “best friend” might sound overdone, but I swear it’s so real. It’s like the best never ending sleepover, and I hope everyone gets to experience a marriage like that. The once mundane and drudgerous tasks of life become enjoyable in a whole new way. We genuinely love budgeting, before, budgeting use to mean paying bills, but now, budgeting means how we plan to give, where we plan to travel, and how we want to invest! (Shoutout to our boy Dave Ramsey)

This mountain isn’t just a long winding commute we have to do, this mountain is a whole list of things we get to do. To me this mountain means hard work that is turning into opportunity, weather changes that reminds me of the beauty in each season of life, and a marriage that is being carefully cultivated .

This is our daily commute. How long is your commute and what do you like to do?