Six Things I've Learned in Six Months of Marriage

It’s a Semi-Annual Anniversary post lol
The six things I’ve learned in six months of marriage.
1. He’s a morning person I am not. He literally wakes up singing, and I wake up ready to knock him out lol
2. He sleeps SMACK DAB in the middle of the bed. And when he falls asleep, he’s out COLD. There’s too much dead weight to push him with my arms so I usually have to push him over using my legs.
3. He loves the show Modern Family. Your looking at a future Phil Dumphy right here.
4. I’m stubborn and he’s much better at apologizing than I am. Still workin on that one folks.
5. This man can sell anything on eBay. #garyveeflipchallenge I’m warning you now, hide ya kids and all their toys if you don’t want them to go missing whenever Mr. Carlson shows up at your front door.
6. He has the heart of a servant. Who needs a dishwasher when you have Titus Carlson?
Whats something you’ve learned in your relationship that you least expected?