The Perfect Birthday Surprise

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday and had so many sweet and heartfelt words to say about me. Glory to God and all the loving and supportive people around me. I would not be the person I am today without each and every one of you who have helped shape my life.
And thank you to the most amazing husband who makes me feel like it’s my birthday every day, celebrating and loving me for who I am. But today he really spoiled me with a few of my favorite things: Titus, a spa day, massages, Starbucks, and Sushi! WHAT A GUY. I am so honored to be your wife Titus Carlson. I have never known a love as selfless and generous as yours. I love you so much.
Oh, and here’s a little relationship idea for you... Titus and I have a journal we’ve kept going since we’ve been married. We write back and forth to each other in the same journal. Once we are done with our entry, we slip it in each other’s drawers, pillow cases and wherever we can to surprise each other with the next entry. I always look forward to where I’m gonna find it hiding next. I found this little sneaker with a birthday entry in my back pack this morning. ❤️