The "Present" Debate; Christmas Eve vs Christmas Day

What a hunk of burning love. He’s totally in his natural habitat... on his throne. Lol seriously, marriage is the best. I hope you guys don’t get tired of hearing it, because we just want to be an example of the kind of healthy marriage anyone can look forward to having one day too. There’s no secret recipe other than Jesus and a commitment to serve one another even when you don’t feel like it.
Anywho... let’s talk Christmas traditions! When we started dating, I found out Titus is Swedish... like seriously, he’s the whitest white boy I’ve ever met lol and even though I’m half Mexican, having more spice than he can handle in his top ramen, he still likes to believe he’s more “cultured” than I am.. yeah right lol But i found out that being Swedish means they open presents on Christmas Eve... uummm excuse me!? That’s totally cheating! Half the fun is being so impatient Christmas Eve that you’re dying to open presents on Christmas Day! We were only allowed to open one present Christmas Eve and that was our Christmas jammies! Anyone else do this? BUT since we’ve been married, I’ve really appreciated the Swedish Christmas Eve tradition, it’s left room for Titus and I to celebrate and create our own family traditions. But be honest, who’s the weird one here? Do you celebrate on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and why?