Why I Pursue Wedding Videography


It’s almost wedding season, CAN YOU FEEL IT!? I’m beyond stoked!

The warm air flowing with new beginnings, love and excitement. Celebrations of two families coming together as one. Love in many forms, friendships new and old, memories made that’ll last a lifetime. That’s what I see in these couples. A foundation made between two people, committing to choose love every day of their lives.

I don’t just love film, I love marriage.

Marriage is by far the greatest gift on planet earth. Obviously it’s not always easy or fun… I’m extremely stubborn and my husband, Titus, is a control freak lol BUT… there is nothing like it in this world; having a partner to pursue dreams together and do life with. It can be a life full of abundant joy, love, and adventure. Each one of my couples also has a story, unique and beautiful in itself, and this is how I can relate: pursuing the biggest journey of a lifetime, and being brave enough to do so one step at a time.

Love is a marathon, not a sprint, and I love getting a glimpse.

Jocelyn CarlsonComment