If we’re gonna be friends you should probably know…

1) I love Jesus

2) I’m married to the incredible Titus Carlson

3) I’m not pregnant it’s just a sushi baby

4) Rose Gold everything!

5) My puppy brother’s name is Lenny

6) I have an obsession with GLITTER

7) Lana Del Rey all day

8) My sister and I speak a language consisting of movie quotes

9) My favorite animal is an elephant

10) You’ll catch me drinking way too much coffee


It all started when…

the still small voice of the Holy Spirit told me I was going to “marry that man.” A notion completely off my radar. A thought that never crossed my mind again until I realized the bumpy journey God had taken me through was for the preparation of becoming the wife God had chosen for Titus Carlson. There is no greater honor than the mission to serve God as a wife. My passion to take that calling seriously, along with the other skills and talents I possess, I’ve learned that the underlying purpose of all my multipotentialite roles is to be a light for Christ. This is my space to share just that!

Jesus, Marriage, Coffee, and Corgis are just a few of my favorite things. I love telling stories through the art of filmmaking, and I’ve obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the of age 23!

If there was one way to describe me it would be that my mind is like my internet browser; 19 tabs open, 3 are frozen, and I have no idea where the music is coming from… it may drive my husband nuts but hey, at least we’re never bored! lol